North Coast Spritz by Adrian Alvarez

During the summer months instead of our usual spirit forward cocktails my friends and I will normally order or make amaro based spritz cocktails. It’s all very simple all you need is amaro, prosecco, clb soda and a wine glass. It’s the perfect cocktail during the hot months just sweet enough, not too boozy to get you dehydrated. Adrian took our love for a low abv spritz cocktail one step further by creating the north coast spritz, the perfect transitional refreshing drink to keep us going just right before the weather demands we start drinking, old fashions, whiskey and bold red wines.


1.25 OZ LO-FI Gentian Amaro

1 OZ of Pinot Noir or any light bodied red wine

1/2 OZ combier fruits rouges

3 OZ of prosecco

1 OZ club soda

Tools :long bar spoon

Glass: AP Wine glass

Garnish : Dehydrated lemon wedge, blackberry ( skewered together)

Add ingredients to a wine glass filled with ice. be sure to add prosecco last give a slow stir than top with club soda and garnish.

perfect easy cocktail to impress the light weights and indecisive cocktail drinkers in your life.

Nicole Marcelin