At Epicurious Safari we believe that food and ambiance is the catalyst to fostering beautiful relationships. Each of our packages offers a curated experience that reflects our clients' taste & lifestyle. We aim to bring the restaurant experience to your intimate space; albeit home, office or international villa. Despite your location and who you’re with, friends or family, each of our packages is specific to your intentions. Let our team love you through food and impeccable service.


Dinner Party

Bespoke Dinner experience for you and at least 8 of your closest friends and family styled by our team. Menu curated by our Michelin trained chef. This is perfect as a treat or your most important occasion. Perfect for an elopements.



Enjoy an Epicurious brunch curated for you and your loved ones in an intimate location of your choosing; includes/can include floral arrangements? The menu and cocktail selections will take into account your lifestyle, dietary preferences and introduce you to a cultural food (safari) experience unlike any other


Champagne & Caviar

Experience limitless luxury through the extravagant Champs & Caviar, the all day brunch of your dreams. Curated for you and your loved ones in an intimate location of your choosing using the freshest ingredients and ambiance styled by our team. Champagne, cocktails and an exquisite selection of savory dishes, snacks, and desserts are in abundance as you are served by a private chef & staff in an intimate setting.